What is BlindSquare?

BlindSquare is an accessible GPS-app developed for people who are blind or visually impaired. It describes the environment, announces user-defined points of interest and street intersections as you travel through a dedicated speech synthesizer (Voiceover must be switched on).

The most important BlindSquare functions can be accessed through an audio menu via any headset or speaker that supports Apple’s music controller. This means you don’t need to touch the screen of your phone looking for tiny buttons when you travel with BlindSquare, because many functions can be activated using the physical buttons of your headset or bluetooth speaker.

When BlindSquare has determined your location using your iOS-device’s GPS capabilities, it will look up information about your surroundings on Foursquare and Open Street Map. Employing unique algorithms, it will then select the information most useful to you and speak it in a clear synthetic voice. You can use BlindSquare for example to find the most popular café within a 200 meter radius or to find the nearest post office or the library. Shake your device to hear your current address, as well as information about the location of the nearest street intersection and venues around you. 

BlindSquare is able to help you track your destination and will periodically announce the distance and direction while you are traveling. BlindSquare possesses filters you can set, so you only hear the information you currently need, and you can have BlindSquare announce streets and saved places only, so you do not get overwhelmed by more information than you need.

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