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We are Sense of Direction Enterprises CIC, a Social Enterprise (Community of Interest Company) based in Scotland and operating across the UK. Profit from the work we do will be used for the benefit of our "Community of Interest", which is people who are blind/partially sighted in Scotland.


It is common for information about a building or outoor location such as a sign or a map to be inaccessible for people who are blind or partially sighted, either through their placement, size, style, colouring, or combination of all of these things. If it is not possible to know where you are and what is around you then it is also not possible to move independently with confidence and to find your desired location.

Our solution acts a bit like a "talking signpost" and uses text-to-speech technology to give you information about your surroundings based on where you are and the direction you are facing. As you turn slowly you will be given updated information about what you are now facing, to aid with onward travel. The solution can also provide information about the purpose and layout of a room or open area to help build a picture of your surroundings and support safe travel to a desired place.


It is explained in greater detail here, but the "talking" element of the solution is provided by the accessible application BlindSquare for iPhone using the text-to-speech function. The application makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, QR Codes, and a series of "Points of Interest" to announce information as you travel. For more information about BlindSquare please click here.


There over 2 million people who are blind/partially sighted in the UK, which is around 1 in 30 people. If you consider a daily commute to Edinburgh Waverley, which on average sees 70,000 passengers pass through every day then about 2300 of these passengers would be blind/partially sighted. That is a lot of people. This number is expected to rise alongside an ageing UK population, and an ever increasing number of people with health conditions such as diabetes and obesity that contribute to sight loss.

We are part of the movement towards fully accessible towns and cities being the norm, not the exception.


Now. We are ready to install our solution now, so use our contact form or contact details at the end of this page to get in touch.

BlindSquare for Apple Devices


Our solution in action at seescape in Fife

The video gives information about the system that is installed at seescape in Fife, with some feedback from people who have used the system.

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